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These forms also available at the Tulalip Housing office or under each individual department's menu tab and then forms.

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Affordable Rental and Occupancy Policy Document

The Tulalip Housing Department is committed to providing quality affordable work-force housing that is decent and safe for eligible Tribal families in our community. The Tulalip Housing Department will strive to make the best use of all available resources so that Tribal families may live in an environment that is clean, well maintained, and attractive. The Tulalip Housing Department's goal is to manage our housing inventory in a manner that is consistent with financially sound property management practices, allowing this program to be a self-sustainable program.

Application for Rental Assistance

Open to Tulalip Tribal members. This application is for assistance with rent payments.

Application for Tulalip Bay Program Rental Unit

Open to Tulalip Tribal members. This application is for the Tulalip Bay rental program.

Authorization for Release of Information (selling home)

The Leasing Department will not release any information regarding a lease to any individual(s) other than the Lessee(s), but if you would like this information disclosed to any agent or individual involved with the sale of your home, the Leasing staff will only disclose that information upon receipt of a signed and notarized Authorization to Release Information form.

Authorization to Request TSR or Certified TSR Form

Allows the Asset & Real Estate Department of Tulalip Tribes to request specific lease reports.

Bidding Contract Checklist

List of required documents to bid.

Credit Application

The credit application is completed by the Assignee (buyer) and must include copies of the last two (2) years of W-2’s. Please remember that the Leasing Department can only accept ORIGINALS, and we will not accept a copied application, or an application sent via facsimile.

Credit Card Payment Authorization

A request form to authorize Tulalip Tribes of Washington to charge your credit card for a payment at the frequency stated in the form.

Leasing Change Request

If you have had a Name Change recently or would like your mail sent to another Address, then complete this form and return the original to our office.

Request for Assignment

This is a request from the Lessee (Seller) to have their lease transferred to the Assignee (Buyer) due to the sale of the home. When applying for an Assignment please remember that the Leasing Department can only accept “Originals.” We will not accept copies or applications sent via facsimile. There is a nonrefundable processing fee must be paid to the Tulalip Finance Department before the Request for Assignment can be presented to The Tulalip Tribes Board of Directors.

Request for Sub-lease

Before Sub-Leasing (renting) your home, you MUST request The Tulalip Tribes Board of Directors to sub-let your lot. The process is similar to the Request for Assignment and is approved once a month. The potential tenant must fill out a credit application, and submit the last two years of W-2’s with the credit application. A nonrefundable $200 processing fee must be paid to the Tulalip Finance Department before the application can be presented to the Board of Directors, and a Transfer Fee of 8% of the Gross Rental Income of the home per rental agreement paid in advance.

Requirement for Sub-Lease

This is a list of the required documents needed for a Request to Sub-Lease.

Requirements for Assignment Due to Death

This is the list of required documents needed for the Request for Assignment due to the death of a Lessee.

Standard Operating Procedures: Grievances

To establish the procedure participant grievances. Although applicants are not entitled to a hearing, procedures for handling applicant meetings are included.

All Documents

Down Payment Assistance Grant Packet (DPA)

The Down Payment Assistant Policy will govern the funds that provide assistance to qualified Tulalip Tribal members within the designated areas described in section 3 of the policy, and who have not already utilized these funds to purchase a home. Applicants must have already entered into a legally binding purchase agreement of a modular or single family residence.

HERAPS - Housing Emergency Rehabilitation Assistance Program

The purpose of this program is to provide immediate emergency assistance to Tribal members who own or are purchasing their home and are living in a condition that is not safe and sanitary.