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Our Asset & Real Estate department oversees various real estate tasks related to our tribe's properties. This includes managing land leases, rental units for the workforce, elderly and disabled individuals, and homes acquired through our mutual help housing program. We also collaborate with the Housing Construction department to strategically plan and develop new housing projects throughout the reservation. Our beautiful homes are available for sale to Native American homebuyers through the 184 home loan program.

We understand the importance of finding the perfect home, so we strive to make the leasing process as smooth and stress-free as possible. Our leasing team offers personalized service and support, and we provide a range of leasing options to fit your short-term or long-term needs. We're excited to help you find your new home!

Leasing Maintenance

Our main focus is on delivering top-notch maintenance services. Our maintenance crew is available 24/7 to promptly tackle any problems that may arise, whether it's a malfunctioning appliance, plumbing issues, or pest infestation. We recognize the significance of timely maintenance in ensuring the safety and comfort of our tenants, and we take this responsibility seriously. Furthermore, we conduct routine preventive maintenance checks to spot and fix potential problems before they become major issues. Our commitment to providing high-quality maintenance services is crucial to ensuring our tenants have an exceptional living experience.


These policy documents are also available at the Tenant Services office:

  • Affordable Rental And Occupancy Policy
    The Tulalip Housing Department is committed to providing quality affordable work-force housing that is decent and safe for eligible Tribal families in our community. The Tulalip Housing Department will strive to make the best use of all available resources so that Tribal families may live in an environment that is clean, well maintained, and attractive. The Tulalip Housing Department's goal is to manage our housing inventory in a manner that is consistent with financially sound property management practices, allowing this program to be a self-sustainable program.
  • Application Down Payment Assistance Form
    The Down Payment Assistant Policy will govern the funds that provide assistance to qualified Tulalip Tribal members within the designated areas described in section 3 of the policy, and who have not already utilized these funds to purchase a home. Applicants must have already entered into a legally binding purchase agreement of a modular or single family residence.

Housing & Community Development Dept. Down Payment Assistance Program
The Down Payment Assistance Program is for purchasing your first home on the reservation and even off the reservation within the boundaries of the program. Apply for Down Payment Assistance once you have found a home you want to buy and are in mutual acceptance (the offer was accepted).

Down Payment Assistance Program Policy and Requirements:

  • For first-time home buyers that have not utilized the program before
  • Awards are given as one per loan even if there is more than one tribal member on the loan. One DPA gift in the amount of $10,000.00
  • Applicants must Complete the Tulalip Home Buying Course or another home buying and credit counseling course from a Certified lender or financial counseling agency (each person listed on the Purchase & Sale agreement to provide cert.) HomeTrek, HomeBuyer Funds, or WA State Housing Finance Commission
  • Applicants must be a Tulalip Tribal Member 18 years or older
  • Must provide a copy of the purchase and sale agreement at the time of application
  • It can be used towards the purchase of a modular or stick-built home or if buying land and getting a construction loan
  • The applicant cannot be delinquent on any debt owed to the Tulalip Tribes
  • All awards will be made directly to the Lending Institution or Escrow company
  • Home must be inside the northwest GMUs (Map provided upon request)
  • Cannot be utilized in combination with Tulalip Bay Home Program through the tribe for the homes the tribe builds.

Contact our department for more information at the following:
360-716-4448 or 360-716-4000 or email leasing.

Questions and Answers

All lease payments are due on the 1st day of each calendar month. Late fees will be applied if payments are not received by the 6th day of the month.

When past due, late fees are $35 or 15% per item, whichever is greater.

Send your check/or money order payment to:

Tulalip Tribes
ATTN: Finance Cashier Window
6406 Marine Drive
Tulalip, WA 98271

When sending lease payments, include your Customer Receivable Number or Customer I.D. Number to ensure proper credit to your account.

Unfortunately, we are not set up for online payments. At this time, we do not have an automated bill pay system.

Yes. You can make your lease payment(s) by phone with a credit/debit card by contacting the Finance Departments Accounts Receivable clerk at 360-716-4353, anytime Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM.

The annual streetlight fee is due on the 1st of January. If the fee is not received by the 6th of January, a late fee will be applied to your account.

The Fire District dues are $35.00 a year, and this fee cannot be combined with your regular lease payment. The Leasing Department cannot accept cash.

When making a payment for Fire District dues, you must send a separate check/money order made out to Fire District #15. The Leasing Department cannot accept cash.

Address check to: Fire District 15

Send payments to:
Tulalip Leasing Department
ATTN: Finance Cashier Window
6406 Marine Drive
Tulalip, WA 98271

Please understand that it is your responsibility to make sure the Leasing Department sends your monthly statement and on time. The statement is a friendly notice to lessees to verify payment history. If you notice any missing payments or discrepancies with your statement, please call the Leasing Department immediately.

Typically the Leasing staff pulls a report from the Finance office on the 7th of each month and enters each payment made to the Leasing Department. We strive to send statements out as soon as possible, which usually are sent out by the 15th of the month via USPS.

When making a Request for Assignment, the Leasing Department needs proof that the following are current: Snohomish County taxes, lease payments, and water/sewer account. Additionally, a copy of the Purchase and Sales contract must be included with your Request for Assignment application. The Leasing Department must receive the original application. We cannot accept copies or an application via facsimile.

You must complete a credit application, attach a copy of the Purchase and Sales contract, and attach the last three years of your W-2’s. The Leasing Department must receive the original application. We cannot accept copies or an application via facsimile.

All of these forms can be obtained online, listed under Documents and Forms, or you may obtain any form from the Leasing Department’s office, located at 6319 23rd Ave NE, Tulalip, WA 98271.

An Assignment of Lease will vary from person to person and will depend on when the Leasing Department receives all required documents needed to present the application for Assignment of Lease to the Tulalip Tribes Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors tentatively meet on the first Saturday of each month, and this is when the application for Assignment of Lease would be approved or disapproved. This day may change at any time.

The Leasing Department has a non-refundable $200 processing fee that is used for the preparation of presenting your request to the Tulalip Tribes Board of Directors.

When a lessee sells their home, and after the Board of Directors has approved the Request for Assignment, a transfer fee of 6% or 8% of the gross sale price of the home must be paid to The Tulalip Tribes within 30 days of approval of the Assignment of Lease application.

The Leasing Department is open Monday through Friday 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM and closed for lunch from 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM.

Contact the Leasing department at 360-716-4818 to obtain the REET form, Real Estate Excise Tax Code 12.20, and corresponding regulations. Tulalip Codes and Ordinances are in the Tulalip Office of Reservation Attorney.

You can apply for an exemption on the REET form. Exemptions are granted per Real Estate Excise Tax Code 12.20 and corresponding regulations.

All state and local government property taxes on permanent improvements on Indian trust lands were ruled illegal in a recent federal court case. The Tulalip Tribe Land Occupation and Use Tax is a property tax that replaces the property taxes you were subject to under state law. The Tulalip Land Occupation and Use Tax is REPLACING the state tax and is NOT being imposed in addition to the state tax.

No. However, you may qualify for a 60% tax deferral.

Please be advised that the Leasing Department is also closed on National Holidays.

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