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Tenant Services Questions and Answers

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How Do I Apply?

  • Pick up or download the Application.
  • Complete all the questions including income, household members’ social security numbers, dates of birth, and tribal numbers. When writing income, please sure to write each source of income separately. Include all household per capita.
  • Make sure all household members are over 18 years of age, sign the application and release of information.
  • Anyone over the age of 18 will need to complete a UA at the Administration office.
  • When submitting application, include proof of income and Tribal ID.


  • Pass background check
  • Pass UA testing – testing takes place at the CDACD offices in the 31st St Building.
  • Tulalip Housing covers the cost for the UA.

Income qualifications are available on the Maximum Household Limits document. Families over income can still be on the waitlist. We will confirm your income when your name comes up on the waitlist. The limits are changed by HUD annually.

Preferences are:

  • Tulalip Tribal Veteran (waitlist preference can be applied once in a lifetime)
  • Tulalip Tribal Member
  • Other Federally recognized tribe
  • All others
There is a separate waitlist for Elders (62+)

How Long Is The Waitlist?

It varies, depending on the bedroom size.


How Do I Request A Maintenance Work Order?

Contact your specialist at 360-716-4580 or Maintenance Department at 360-716-4468. If you have an after-hours emergency, call: 425-622-4855.

Can I Reschedule My Inspection?

No. Inspections are mandatory. Do not leave your unit unlocked, if you cannot be present. Housing staff have keys and can enter to complete your inspection.

How Much Do I Owe?

Contact your specialist for details.

Need Help With More Information As A Tenant?

Tenant Specialists advocate for tenants who may need assistance getting back into compliance with The Tulalip Tribal Housing Department. They can also help with other resources inside and outside of the tribe. Contact them at 360-716-4453.